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Jennifer James Sapaugh is a homeschooling mother of 5, singer/songwriter, and adoption advocate from Houston, Texas. is designed to better share and connect Jenn with other like-minded people in hopes of her crazy life adventures encouraging others in their crazy life adventures.

Don't Blink


Don't Blink

Jennifer James

I am a list lover. Like, I genuinely enjoy making lists of things to do, gifts to buy, thank you cards to write. I love crossing things off the list and will even go back to add something to the list that I did, just so I can cross it off. (that could be an actual classified issue, a bit crazy)

But, I think it is safe to say I like being productive. 

This last weekend I had the honor to go lead worship at a Mother/Daughter Retreat at Pine Cove's Crier Creek. I got to take 2 of my girls with me, which was an added perk. If you ever get the chance to a attend anything Pine Cove, I highly recommend it!!

Weekends like these are such fun opportunities to have; getting to meet, share, connect, & worship with other women, that otherwise I would never cross paths with AND might I add, how awesome it is to hear a room full of little girl voices singing powerful words of truth to God - that was truly something special!

But back to lists and such. 

The speaker this weekend, Kelly Chapman founder of Royal Purpose Ministires, had a theme she carried throughout the sessions - "Don't Blink". She even referenced the Kenny Chesney music video for his song by that title (which with mom emotions mixed with pregnancy hormones, had me in full on tears...couldn't decide if I loved her for sharing that or hated her. ha. The link to the video is below, incase you want to go there this morning!)

The idea is not new to me. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times "It goes so fast", "Enjoy it while you can", "These are the best days"....... But another element Kelly shared is some stories of people in and around her life who have suffered tragic loss, and although we have experienced quite a bit of that in our own family, this was a good reminder.

She spoke of a 19 year old girl writing a book about the legacy her mom left her, after passing away in a tragic accident involving a drunk driver. She had calculated the DAYS that God had put her mom on the earth with the opportunity to pour into her.... DAYS!!! 

Another very recent story, of a 13 yr old boy who passed away in a crazy random, but fatal gator crash....this time Kelly, the speaker, had done the math for the amount of DAYS that her friend had to be the mother to her son. DAYS!!!

These stories took "Don't Blink" to a whole new level.

When I hear the word DAYS, I think of my planner (naturally) -- but hearing these stories made me think.

I do not know what tomorrow holds - or even this afternoon for that matter. And as much as I view my list as a "good" thing, and a very crucial tool to my managing my family well and preparing fun family moments that we share, etc.; I also know for me, that sometimes, my focus can be on the list and the planning, and I could potentially miss actual real life moments with my kids, because I am focused on what needs to get done.

God forbid this be the case. 

I want to take every moment.....the ones planned for and the ones happening RIGHT NOW and use them to love, pour into, and build up my girls. I have only THIS moment and there is so much I want them to know and so much love I want them to feel....intentional and purposeful things I want to give them......not tomorrow, or when it is penciled in, but TODAY!

I came home from the retreat with a fresh vision and determination in my heart. I have only DAYS with my girls, and I want to make every one of them count!

Wherever this crazy season finds you - I encourage you to slow down and do the same. Take advantage of the now and don't miss the moment before your eyes to invest in these very unique little people that God has appointed you to be the mommy of.