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Jennifer James Sapaugh is a homeschooling mother of 5, singer/songwriter, and adoption advocate from Houston, Texas. is designed to better share and connect Jenn with other like-minded people in hopes of her crazy life adventures encouraging others in their crazy life adventures.


Friends, Dreams & A Movie on the Big Screen

Jennifer James

I would always tell Dawn (when she was still one of my girls living at home) that one of the best gifts God gives us is good friends!! I feel like this is especially true in marriage, as you fight to make your love story last, with all the ups and alllll the downs, having friends to honestly share the journey with is a gift that is greater than words. We have been blessed with friends like that, literally from the beginning.

When Kyle and I got married we were 19 and all of the other respectable 19 year olds were off at school, while we were home playing house. (Serioulsy, sometimes I wonder what our parents were thinking, but it has worked out, so - woot!) God wasted no time in flooding our life with good friends, most of which were also newly weds. We called ourselves "Alias Church" becasue at this time we were religiously dedicated to gathering each week to watch the exciting adventures of Agent Sydney Bristo unfold on the show Alias. It was a super fun season - no kids, all fun. ;) 

We had many adventures during this season including a trip to Disneyworld, river house stays, and Beach house weekends. I can't remember when or why, but during that first year or two of no kids, we found ourselves at my parents beach house in Galveston (they don't have it any more and that is a huge bummer) I remember we meal planned and had tons of ridiculous snacks, the rest....foggy at best. Except there is a distinct memory of us sitting around in the living room, views of the just so-so Galveston waves surrounding us through the windows, and us chatting about goals, dreams, & fears for our futures. 

That is one thing about good friends - you inspire each other, encourage each other, push each other to the big great thing God has called you to do. That is what our group of friends has always been about.

I remember in this moment, our friend Richie, saying something to the effect that he wanted to show his kids, by example, how to to dream. This launching a conversation among us about how so often the demands of life push us to switch from those child-like visions and dreams we have always had to our mundane, gotta make ends meet adult lives. We as a whole agreed, we didn't want to do this.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to stand beside and support eachother on many different exciting paths as we have continued chasing our dreams. We had no way to know back then what God would have in store for us; the number of kids would come from our little group (holy moly) or the many different adventures we would be going on. To date, we have planted a church & served in various ministry, started companies, opened restaurants, released albums, adopted kids, made movies, worked for CIA , and that's to name a few.

The latest really exciting thing is that our friends Richie (& Kristina) after moving their family to KY almost 6 years ago to pursue the opportunity to write for a Christian production company, City on a Hill, has a movie that is coming out THIS Friday, Nationwide, to a theater near you!!!

Richie wrote and directed, "The Song", a modern day take on the story of Solomon from the Bible, and I am gonna be able to stroll into my local movie theater this Friday night (as in TOMORROW) and watch it!

Ya'll!! This is HUGE!!! 

We could not be more excited for him & his family!!!! And can't wait to see all the opportunites that will come from this!!!

We are so grateful for friends that inspire us and that we share a common creative bond with. Join us this weekend and support some forever dreamers and Christ followers and make plans to head to the theater and see "The Song". Below is a link of all the theaters "The Song" is playing in for this opening weekend!!! If you live in our area, we are going to the 7:05pm showing at Cinemark in Webster - maybe we will see you there!!!

List of theaters: