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Jennifer James Sapaugh is a homeschooling mother of 5, singer/songwriter, and adoption advocate from Houston, Texas. is designed to better share and connect Jenn with other like-minded people in hopes of her crazy life adventures encouraging others in their crazy life adventures.

Voice Memos & God For The Win


Voice Memos & God For The Win

Jennifer James

SO, I was making a set list for an upcoming worship gig next week. (Sidenote. Have I mentioined how much I love that I get the chance to do what I love with music and connecting with people? Even with all the crazy kids and home life, the fact that churches or music venues contact me to come sing is like a dream come true - so, keep it coming! You guys make me so lucky!) 

Anyways, I was scrolling through my voice memos & looking for an original song I could add in as a part of my set for next week. If you are familiar with my music, you know that for the most part, I write about life and love and struggle and whatnot, but not necessarily God songs that fit in worship sets. But when I do, I try to play them when I have the chance, because...well, because I can. So, why not. Ha. 

I finally found one that I had remembered I wrote early last year. As I hit play on my voice memo of this plain acoustic recording taken on my iPhone.... I was overwhelmed.

I just love writing a song in a certain season of life, that a year or ten later STILL APPLIES!!! And this was the story in this case. I was reminded that I can ask God all the hard questions, but that the bottom line is that I need Him. Now and forever. 

I am not one to post a non "professional" recording of myself.....bc honestly, everything sounds so much better when I get to hire the fancy guitar guys and producers; but today - I am feeling a little crazy! And in hopes that the lyrics of this song can encourage you like that did me, I'm gonna share the unpolished, rough, DIY, iphone recording of this song with you. Below are lyrics; feel free to download and share. Thank God for His faithfulness...and old voice memos. 


If I lift my eyes, will you lift my spirit?

If I bow my knees, will you hear it?

If I give my heart, can you mend it?

Can you mend it?

If I lay it down, can you build it up?

If I give my all, would that be enough?

I know that I can’t make it on my own

I know that I need you

When I doubt, are you still faithful?

If I get scared are you able?

If I lose it all, will you remain?

Are you enough? My everything?

I know that I can’t make it on my own

I know that I need you

Be Near, Be near

Be Near to me

If I lift my eyes, will you lift my spirit?

If I bow my knees, will you hear it?