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Jennifer James Sapaugh is a homeschooling mother of 5, singer/songwriter, and adoption advocate from Houston, Texas. is designed to better share and connect Jenn with other like-minded people in hopes of her crazy life adventures encouraging others in their crazy life adventures.


Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Countdown to Disney + My Hosting Debut.

Jennifer James

We have officially begun our Disney countdown! Kyle left super duper early this morning for a Youth Leaders Conference he is putting on out there, but me and the girls will be flying out to meet him on Friday!  

That puts us at 4 days til Disney! 

This will be our first trip without a nursing baby or a baby in general (and let me tell you, there is nothing more fun than nursing a baby & changing diapers in the sweltering heat in TomorrowLand) All in all, we have a lot of hopes for this trip - could it possibly me the most enjoyable Disney trip to date?

Let's be honest, we still pack alot of crazy with us - and we know that, but maybe, just maybe - this could be the best kid trip yet?!?! (After the way M acted at dinner tonight, I'm second guessing my high hopes. But we'll see!)

Our last family Disney trip, almost exactly 2 years ago!

Our last family Disney trip, almost exactly 2 years ago!

But before diving in to the magic and fun, I will be debuting as a host for a portion of Disney's "Night of Joy" event at Magic Kingdom. I am filling in for my lovely sis-n-law, who will stay home with her brand new sweet baby. And while I can't decide if this is a cool opportunity for me or a trainwreck in the making, I am excited nonetheless.

Many of you know, I am pretty much a dork in every way (being a parent has a special way of doing that to you) I have been known to "shoot the guns" from stage and even "raise the roof"; I doubt that is the kind of "cool" that Disney is looking for in this host position, but I am gonna try - really hard. I have already begun narrowing down my "non-mom" looking outfits & have been mentally going over the phrases that my friends and family have put on my "banned list", ie. No way, Jose! , Booya, and Super Duper (as has already been used in this post). 

Regardless of my performance on Friday night, I will have the opportunity to make improvements on Saturday night -  as this event is a double header with back to back fun. (Or for me that could mean DOUBLE the awkwardness - here's to hoping not)

I'll be sure to take pictures and give you an update, so long as you say a prayer for me to not completely "homeschool // mom of 5" it up too much. 

Stay Tuned!!!!