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Jennifer James Sapaugh is a homeschooling mother of 5, singer/songwriter, and adoption advocate from Houston, Texas. is designed to better share and connect Jenn with other like-minded people in hopes of her crazy life adventures encouraging others in their crazy life adventures.


A little sap for your Wednesday morning

Jennifer James

So, Kyle is out of town. It's only been a couple days - not the end of the world, I know, but - we miss him. (Which is a sweet thing!) You know if you are married, there are seasons when a couple days apart can be like an early Christmas gift & there is not so much "missing" going on, and Lord knows we have those seasons, but this is not one of them, and I really miss my guy. 

I have also been extra reflective on the days lately and was recently struck with the reality that the days of having 3 little crazy toddler-ish girls running around is....over. Just 3 years ago, Presley was 3 1/2, Andie was 2, and my arms were holding a newborn Madden. That was a lot, and it is still a lot, but every day that passes they are getting bigger, more and more independent, and less and less little kid-ish. This makes me sad. It makes me wish I could better remember the days of them all having the chubby baby cheeks and saying so many words wrong (long as the days were) Poor Madden gets the brunt of all these mom emotions as I, even this morning, held her down and kissed and squeezed her awkwardly. (I know it is probably not enjoyable to her, but I just have to have an outlet!)

It also makes me think of today. It makes me grateful for all my people - for all my chaos. It makes me think of Dawn and the sweet life growing inside of her and this special season for her and how I don't want to miss a thing as she experiences the joyous miracle of becoming a mother; she has looked forward to this time for so long! And Tanner, who is so old these days that it makes my stomach hurt; and all the never ending body changing talks we are having to have right now and how excited she is to experience what is next in this whole adolescence thing. (sweet girl doesn't get that it is not that fun) For Presley, who lost her front 2 teeth and simultaneously started talking about 100 words a minute....with a slight lisp. I want to soak her in. I want to soak them all in. Andie, who is so unique and funny - truly one of a kind and Madden, who severely needs some "baby of the family" breaking.....they won't always be who they are today - and I don't want to miss them; the good, the bad, & the ugly.  I don't want to be anywhere else. I know too well the days, even in the recent past, are gone! I want to cherish and enjoy today with these gifts that God has given me.

Join me today. Soak in your people. Whether they are super charming, super awkward or super challenging at the moment - eat 'em up today. Today is a gift that won't last.

And now to go wash my face so I don't look like the crazy emotional lady at the dance studio.